Love Thanksgiving?  How about homemade popcorn?  Head over to SheKnows to get my recipes for pumpkin caramel popcorn, brown butter sage popcorn (my favorite), and gingerbread popcorn!  These treats are perfect with a movie or served as a holiday appetizer.

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  1. They all sound so delicious, I’m not sure I’d be able to pick a favourite!

  2. Oh, brown butter sage popcorn?! On my way

  3. Do I have to pick just one?! Eeeek, they all look so scrumptious, Jen!

  4. I say YES to both of your questions! YUM!!

  5. Love all three! Definitely intrigued by the brown butter sage! Yum!

  6. Oh gingerbread popcorn – so perfect for the holiday season. Love this! :)

  7. fanstastic!

  8. GINGERBREAD POPCORN?? Hello Thanksgiving snack attack! What a fun idea. Thanks for sharing these great recipes!

  9. Gingerbread popcorn!? You are an evil genius. If I made that it would be dangerous. I am not sure how much self control I would have left after one batch.

  10. Popcorn is one of my favorite snack. I love the brown butter sage idea!

  11. Now I have three good excuses to plop down on the couch this week and catch up on some shows! They sound delish!

  12. 3 types of popcorn? YES PLEASE! Heading over to get the recipe! :)

  13. You’re a popcorn goddess!!! Going to check them out :D

  14. homemade popcorn is the best. pics looks delish,

  15. These sound dangerous… I made caramel corn for the first time recently and it was devilishly good :D

  16. Fun! I am making maple popcorn balls for my daughter’s class for when they study pilgrims/Native Americans (legend has it Chief Massasoit’s brother brought popcorn in a deerskin bag the first Thanksgiving feast).

  17. Yum, all three sound incredible!

  18. Sounds delicious! Can’t wait to try the pumpkin caramel :)

  19. Grubarazzi says:

    Awesome! I’m all about popping my own popcorn these days. It’s so easy and we can control the ingredients. For example, duck fat… Omg

  20. Heading over to get this recipe now! LOVE the looks of this popcorn!

  21. Looks great, Jen. I’ll definitely be trying the gingerbread!

  22. What a fabulous idea, Jen! These would be so fun at a Thanksgiving gathering!

  23. PUMPKIN CARAMEL POPCORN????? Jen, I love you! Heading there now! Gorgeous pic =)

  24. Yum! This is so perfect because I’m hosting a friends Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday and wanted to do little jars of popcorn as party favors! Maybe I will make one of these!

  25. wow These look droolworthy! Pumpkin caramel popcorn will be top favourite!

  26. Wait, GINGERBREAD popcorn?? Oh, I am in!! Love all three versions!

  27. I am such a fan of popcorn! I could eat it any which way and be very happy – gingerbread, oh that sounds so good!

  28. Wow, I just love all three! Great flavors!

  29. Sounds delicious! I love home made popcorn, in fact I just bought a packet of those pop corn boxes to serve it! :P

  30. I just came back from SheKnows. I love the brown butter sage popcorn! So unique but I can imagine the flavor already. I would love that. As holidays get closer and we have lots of gathering, this kind of quick and “holiday” flavor snack ideas are wonderful, Jen!

  31. I’m not to be trusted around popcorn like this! It’s all wonderful.

  32. The Squishy Monster says:

    This is so great…I’m going to have to remember these for the next movie night!

  33. Ohh man you are a popcorn flavoring genius! Can’t wait to try!

  34. I’m a popcorn enthusiast! I’m thrilled to have new recipes!


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