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  • Hello, your recipes look fantastic. I will be trying Acorn Squash Soup and Curried Pumkin Soup soon. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful New Year. Linda

  • Thank you for visiting my blog and introducing me t yours. You have some very interesting recipes.

    Lillian of Lillian’s Cupboard

    • If it doesn’t have to start out with gluten, my curried pumpkin apple soup is very popular at the moment. So are the almond milk and almond butter. As far as converting to gluten-free flour, I’ve worked with it before but I’m not entirely sure how it responds when you swap it out ounce for ounce in a recipe. I know the chickpea flour can have a slightly bitter aftertaste so it’s better for savory dishes, such as my butternut squash and goat cheese galette. If you swap out the flour in my non-yeast sweet recipes with almond meal you might have some good success. I’d try one of the cookies, sweet tarts or pumpkin spice bundt cake, since it’s seasonal.

  • Have just visited your blog for the first time and feel like I’ve been missing out! Your recipes look great and are explained so well :-)

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