Drunken Cherry Ice Cream - Savory Simple

I’m probably pushing my luck here but I decided to squeeze in one final ice cream recipe this season! And one with cherries, no less. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself. This drunken cherry ice cream made with Grand Marnier exceeded all of my expectations when I prepared it a few weeks ago. I served it at a food blogger potluck and everyone seemed to enjoy it! I feel like that’s the ultimate seal of approval. 

Drunken Cherry Ice Cream - Savory Simple

I wanted this recipe to be slightly richer than my typical ice cream so instead of using 50% heavy cream and 50% whole milk I used 50% heavy cream and 50% half and half. You can taste the difference in every spoonful. It’s silky smooth without being over-the-top heavy.

Drunken Cherry Ice Cream - Savory Simple

I decided to puree the cherries completely for a smooth ice cream but if you prefer some texture don’t blend them quite so long. Simply process the mixture briefly and enjoy little bites of liquor soaked cherries.

Drunken Cherry Ice Cream - Savory Simple

Sound good? To get my recipe for drunken cherry ice cream, head over to Safest Choice Eggs!

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  1. Beautiful cherry ice cream, girl! I love adding Grand Marnier to berries and cherries. Thanks for this last bit of summer! Pinned!

  2. So gorgeous! I love your light in these photos!! Just stunning!

  3. Gerry @ Foodness Gracious says:

    This is an ice cream super model….crazy good shot!

  4. Stunning!! I am adding this recipe to my list to make. I am all about making homemade ice cream and with boozy cherries sign me up!

  5. These images are stunning!

  6. So pretty, I love that you added Grand Marnier!

  7. So happy to see one more ice cream from you, and this is just a lovely flavor! Your photo is gorgeous – that ice cream is waiting for me to eat! :)

  8. fabulous shot :)

  9. so glad you are still making ice cream – and drunken at that! Lets all hold on to summer – we had a 90 degree day in NYC yesterday, so who says summer is over.
    The ice cream looks so yummy and your pics are lovely!

  10. It’s never too late to post an ice cream recipe, especially one that sounds this amazing. YUM x 1000.

  11. Ohhhhh yeah this sounds AMAZING! The photos simply ROCK! Love your style so sensual!

  12. Your photos looks gorgeous today!! I love the simplicity of metal on metal. Heading on over to Safest Choice Eggs as we speak!

  13. This ice cream sounds absolutely delicious. One thing I like about it, beyond the flavors, is that it has very little sugar in it. I get really tired overly sweet desserts. It looks like this recipe has enough flavor from other sources that it doesn’t need a lot of sugar.

  14. Gorgeous photos, Jen! And this ice cream – way to end the summer!

  15. these images are stunning. I love the contrast of the purple on the moody background! looks so creamy.

  16. I fully support eating ice cream all year long and I love the sound of this one. Such a great combination of flavours especially with that boozy kick.

  17. ashley - baker by nature says:

    I say push your luck as far as it will go when it comes to ice cream! Especially one this damn amazing!!!

  18. Save me a scoop! Sounds incredible, Jennifer!

  19. Drunken cherry ice cream sound SUBLIME.

  20. Could you do the rest of us a favor and take a lousy photo once in a while? ;) The lighting could not be more perfect…I could just stare at these all day…well, as long as I had a bowl of that ice cream in my hands! Lovely!

  21. Call me crazy, but I CRAVE ice cream in the cold weather so, please, keep posting. Let’s hope someone doesn’t take these gorgeous photos, turn your ice cream green, and post it on all of the food porn sites as perfect avocado ice cream (sorry, I just can’t get over that crap).

  22. Kim Beaulieu says:

    Jen this is simply stunning. I am in love with this ice cream.

  23. Gorgeous recipe, Jen. We’re coming into cherry season in Oz – I can’t wait to go cherry picking at my friend’s farm and make pies and ice cream galore!

  24. Gorgeous! I use my ice cream maker all year long… And, I just happen to have some cherries that I froze earlier this summer that would be perfect for some ice cream. Love the addition of Grand Marnier! :)

  25. Love this ice cream recipe and can’t blame you for wanting to squeeze one more in! Love this and looks delicious! Heading over to the recipe now!

  26. Quite lovely! I think I will try this recipe.

  27. This sounds so incredible!!! Just need a spoon and some hot fudge!

  28. Looks so good! I really love cherry ice cream, so this is a must-try for next time I find fresh cherries

  29. This sounds absolutely amazing! Though I do like chunks in mine, so I think I’d blend just a bit less.

  30. SO pretty!

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  32. These images are gorgeous!

  33. omg that ice cream looks delicious!

  34. This is pretty much the ultimate ice cream post!

  35. This photo is gorgeous!

  36. This is a better than great photo of ice cream. And the recipe is a must try. Pinned.

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