When holiday season arrives, I begin making snowdrop cookies. Yesterday I brought some to a friend’s house in an assortment of flavors. There are so many things I love about this recipe.

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This Caramelized Onion Stuffing with Apples and Herbs is a flavorful Thanksgiving side dish that the whole family will love! Get the recipe from SavorySimple.net

Jeff and I like to joke about how horrendous our college and post-college eating habits were. When I mentioned that I was preparing the stuffing for Thanksgiving this year, he was like, “Back in the day, I used to make Stovetop Stuffing for dinner!” and I was like “Me too! With instant mashed potatoes! Carbs with a side of carbs! FIST BUMP!” We were so classy.

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This Brandied Acorn Squash Pie is perfect for Thanksgiving! Acorn squash is naturally sweeter than pumpkin and works amazingly well in desserts. Get the recipe from SavorySimple.net.

“We are either now here or nowhere.” – Journey into Power

Several months ago I started taking hot yoga classes. For years I had been turned off by the thought of it, assuming it was something I’d hate. However, it has really grown on me for a number of reasons.

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Serve this flavorful Cranberry Pecan Tart at holiday parties! It's perfect for Thanksgiving. Get the easy-to-prepare recipe from SavorySimple.net

“Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits.”
― Samuel Butler

Fall always brings mixed feelings for me. I love the changing leaves and the crisp, cool weather. I love the holidays. It’s the season for apples, pears, winter squash and root vegetables. My favorite wardrobe staples are dusted off- jeans, boots, pea coats, merino wool cardigans and sweaters. There are many reasons to celebrate autumn.

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Spiced Pumpkin Beer Bread is an incredibly easy side dish! No yeast or kneading required. Perfect for Thanksgiving or alongside your favorite fall meals. Get the recipe from SavorySimple.net.

I never thought this day would come. The manuscript for my cookbook has been turned in, and it will be published by Simon & Schuster sometime next year. It has been a mentally grueling 13 months, which is why this blog turned into a dead zone. And it’s not like I was so busy… I just couldn’t handle the pressure. All of us are unique, and we have different ways of working, processing, scheduling, planning, etc. What I learned over the past year is that I do NOT do well with one long deadline. I need structure. Otherwise I fall victim to procrastination and panic.

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