Strawberry Swirl Dream Cake

Strawberry Swirl Dream Cake ~ @SavorySimple #Recipe

Why yes, I know that it’s the middle of winter.  But guess what?  I made this strawberry swirl dream cake entirely from frozen strawberries!  Frozen fruits and vegetables are a wonderful thing.  They might not be quite as exciting as beautiful fresh produce from the market but there’s no way I’d give up berries all year long.

Do you like that pretty petal effect I created with the frosting?  You can find a step-by-step tutorial on how to create the effect over at The Hungry Housewife (her cake looks so perfect next to mine!  I need to keep practicing).

Strawberry Swirl Dream Cake ~ @SavorySimple #Recipe

I’ve developed this cake for California Strawberries and I want to pass along a really fun Valentine’s Day contest they’re hosting at the moment!  They’re currently looking for the most romantic California Strawberries food photo and the winner will receive a $250 Amazon gift card!  To enter, head over to California Strawberries and upload a photo (you’ve taken yourself) of a strawberry dish or dessert that has romantic appeal by Monday February 11, 2013.

Strawberry Swirl Dream Cake ~ @SavorySimple #Recipe

And be sure to head over to California Strawberries to get my recipe for Strawberry Swirl Dream Cake! I’m so sorry; California Strawberries has been having some technical difficulties on their site, so I have temporarily removed the link to this recipe until they can restore it. In the meantime, I have several other strawberry cake recipes on my site, which can be found here. Stay tuned, hopefully this will be restored ASAP!

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