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Challah. Brioche. Custard. Pumpkin crème anglaise. Need I say more? Trust me, you want this dessert. Head over to Bakeaholic Mama to get my recipe for pumpkin bread pudding! Also at the link- a lovely giveaway from Green & Black’s Chocolate.  The winner will receive 6 bars of chocolate as well as a tote bag and coupons for even more chocolate!

I really appreciate the kind, thoughtful comments you all have left me this week on my two cancer awareness posts.  As I’m sure you can imagine, they weren’t easy to write.  Sharing such personal stories is always a bit intimidating for me and your responses are comforting and encouraging.  Thanks to Dinners, Dishes and Desserts and Bake Your Day for organizing this week’s effort to raise awareness about a horrible disease.  I was honored to collaborate with some of my favorite bloggers


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  1. FrancineS says:

    I’ve been hunting for new pumpkin recipes.

  2. Yum, headed over!

  3. No, no! All I want is the recipe now! Heading over right now! :)

  4. Oooh pumpkin bread pudfing. . .what a great and seasonal treat! Sounds so comforting.

  5. Challah + brioche?! Yes, please!!

  6. I use either challah, brioche or croissants in most bread puddings. I just feel the buttery and/or buttery-eggy richness lends so much more! Simply put..I have no doubt this is the perfect pumpkin bread pudding..it looks wonderful!

  7. I NEED that pudding in my face! But I need the coffee to go with it, please! :)

  8. I just found you via your guest post at Bakeaholic Mama… LOVE your photos! And recipes! Excited to have stumbled upon your page :)

  9. I’ve never made bread pudding but this looks like the perfect first recipe to try! I love pumpkin desserts (big surprise based on my blog name, I know!) and this sounds so delicious! :)

  10. I adore bread pudding and pumpkin, but have never put them together. Guess all excuses are out the door now! Thanks for sharing and for hosting a giveaway.

  11. I’m new to bread pudding… I’ll head over and get that recipe. Great photos, Jen! :)

  12. Oh. My. God. Yes.

  13. Im guilty of not being a huge pumpkin fan – but OMG this looks amazing.

  14. Pumpkin bread pudding is my all time fall favorite. Nothing better!

  15. This sounds incredible. I seriously can not get enough pumpkin right now!

  16. Need.this.NOW! Yum!

  17. Omg, that pumpkin bread pudding looks to die for!

  18. SOLD. Love this!

  19. Going….going….gone! My sister and I adore bread pudding and a fall variety sounds just about perfect right now. Thank you for sharing!

  20. oooh i love bread pudding. I love pumpkin. But i’ve never had them together!!

  21. A flavor not common in New Zealand, sweet pumpkin in desserts has captivated me. It is such a strange thing to make sweet. We are much more accustomed to roast pumpkin with our Sunday lamb. Or tossed through an orzo salad with sweet potato (kumara we call it). This pudding, like the traditional pumpkin pie, intrigues me. But I cannot see anything unappealing about it! Great photos on the recipe post. Love the dark background for winter-time meals.

  22. this looks like absolute heaven.

  23. What a great shot of your yummy pumpkin bread pudding! It was wonderful to share a week of breast cancer awareness posts with you and the rest of the lovely bloggers who pariticipated. Off to check out your recipe~

  24. I’ve never made bread pudding before..this looks great!

  25. Plain old regular everyday bread pudding is perhaps my favorite dessert! So imagine how excited I am at this recipe! i’m quite excited to make this! Lovely, Jen.

  26. This is my first in your space and I can say that I am in love with your recipes. I am looking for ideas for my Halloween Party and I like this pudding recipe. I am so glad that I stumbled up on your blog. I will be back often to see what’s cooking here :-)

  27. LOVE this recipe!! It has all the things in it that I love. Can’t wait to make it!

  28. I live and breathe on pumpkin!

  29. I love pumpkin bread pudding! It is one of my all-time favorites … was thinking I maybe should make some tonight, so I had to stop by to see your recipe. But chocolate is a top contender for best comfort food …

  30. Checked this recipe on Bakeaholic Mama…does it ever sound good! Next time I have some challah…

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