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This Sriracha hummus has just the right amount of heat and amazing flavor. Enjoy it as a quick snack or an easy party appetizer!

Dried Plums from Chile ~ Savory Simple ~ www.savorysimple.netDried Plums from Chile

Dried plums. Fresh plums. Blueberries. Blueberry juice. Red and green grapes. Smoked salmon. Smoked trout. Chilean mussels. Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Fig chutney.

Are you wondering where I’m going with this? I’ve teamed up with Foods from Chile and Kitchen Play for a fun little blogger challenge and I need your help. They sent me all of the ingredients listed above and it’s my job to make something with them. Almost like a Chopped challenge. But here’s the catch.

I’m not coming up with the recipe concept. You are!

Chilean Foods ~ Savory Simple ~ www.savorysimple.netFun Fact: Chile is the largest exporter of plums.

You get to help me create a recipe from these ingredients. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be overly complicated. It can include all of these ingredients listed or even just one. It can be either sweet or savory. The sky is the limit. I will look through the recipe ideas and select one to create for the blog. The person who’s recipe I select will win a Foods from Chile gift bag! The deadline to leave a comment is this Thursday, April 25, at 11:59 PM ET.

My recipe will go live on May 7 and I’ll be joining Foods from Chile and Kitchen Play that evening for a #CookChilean Twitter party with more prizes! If you’d like to join us for the Twitter party you can register online here.

Ready to help me create an original recipe for the blog? Make your recipe suggestion here!

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  • I posted a suggestion for a blueberry martini or cocktail. What fun to have all the input from people on recipes they would like to see posted. Great idea!

  • Oh goodness! How delicious and fun! I would do some sort of flatbread or pizza. I would start with the fig chutney as a sauce, sprinkle on some olive oil, a good helping of goat cheese and then some smoked salmon. I’m not sure how it would taste…but it would sure be fun to experiment!

  • What fun! I have no idea what smoked trout even tastes like-wish I did, maybe I would have some brilliant idea for it lol. I am not a mussels or salmon fan, so I would gear toward choosing my own protein. What about a roasted pork (whole loin or tenderloin, depending on how much work you want to put into it) with the plums and grapes (both colors). throw in some onions and garlic for a more savory touch, use the extra virgin olive oil, and maybe throw in potatoes too. You have a one pot meal (I am all about reducing my work lol) and you know I kind of want to try this meal myself now. :) I would also be tempted to research (because I am anal like that) what kind of vinegar is more likely to pop up in Chile, or citrus, and use that to brighten the dish.