Candied Orange Peel


Candied Orange Peel on Food52 - a step by step guide

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be selected among a small group of bloggers to tour the Food52 test kitchen. If you’re unfamiliar with Food52, it’s dedicated to all things food: recipes, articles, member forums, contests and various other resources for home cooks. I was honored to meet and connect with the founders, Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs, and learn about their day to day operations. And today I am excited to share with you my first article for this amazing website! 

Candied Orange Peel on Food52 - a step by step guide

I’ve contributed an article to Food52’s Small Batch column with step by step instructions on how to make one of my favorite holiday treats- candied orange peel. You may remember when I shared a similar recipe last year for spiced candied orange peel. This version is stripped down to the basics. If you’re looking for a simple homemade holiday gift to share with friends and families, this tutorial is just for you.

Head over to Food52 for the recipe!

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