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Around twice a year I detox, typically in the spring or fall.  I know some people think cleanses are weird and trendy but you know what?  They work.  So I don’t care what people are saying.  And today I’m hosting a giveaway that’s near and dear to my heart.

I developed some kind of weird sugar addiction while attending culinary school.  I was never a sweets person before school.  I was all about the savory- the appetizers, the salty snacks, the boeuf bourguignon.  But let me tell you: eating a restaurant quality dessert for lunch every single day for 6 months changes things.  I actually think it caused some kind of physical change in my body (in addition to the 15 pounds I gained and then thankfully shed).

2010 trip to The White House while attending school

I initially decided to try detoxing because all the baking I was doing was causing me to have out-of-control sugar cravings.  I’m incredibly passionate about what I do for a living so cutting out the sugar completely or changing the blog format was never an option.  Instead, I decided I needed to conquer the issue and take control.  I did a 7 day cleanse and was AMAZED at the results.  Seriously, it was life changing.  Detoxing put me back in control of my cravings and allowed me to continue the work that I love without worry or guilt.  Instead of wanting 5 cookies, I was completely satisfied with a few bites.  My energy soared.  I actually quit coffee for 6 months because I loved having steady energy throughout the day (but that didn’t last… I just love coffee too much).

Lisa Consiglio Ryan, who I’ve worked with many times, is offering to give away one free spot in her upcoming Fall Renewal Detox (a $129 value), which starts on October 1st.  You can read more about Lisa and Whole Health Designs here.

I’m not going to lie to you.  Detoxing is hard.  The first 3-4 days are no fun.  You feel tired and foggy.  Headaches are normal.  But by day 4 or 5 you’ll feel incredible.  You’ll have tons of energy, control of your cravings, your clothes will fit better and you’ll sleep like a baby.

I know this isn’t for everyone here.  But if this is something you’ve previously wondered about, why not enter the contest and give it a try?  It’s FREE.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  I’ll be right there with you!   I’ve coached a few friends through this now and I’m good at providing moral support :) FYI- the detox support is all online, so anyone can enter this contest.

I’ve asked Lisa to explain a bit more about what it means to detox and what the benefits are.  Lisa, take it away!


Lisa Consiglio Ryan


Many people are wary of this word. Detox is sometimes equated to diet, deprivation, and starvation. Detox seems just plain old scary. But it doesn’t have to be that way especially when done safely and effectively.

Detox can give you the jump start you need to lose a few pounds, reboot healthy habits, and provide you with tons of energy. Think glow, radiant, clear, and focused! Now doesn’t that sound good?

Most of us usually think of cleansing in spring; spring cleaning and getting rid of the extra weight during winter. It’s a time to renew, refresh, rebirth; set plans into motion.

During fall, we are moving inward; slowing down from the movement of summer. According to many naturopaths, fall along with spring is the best time to do a cleanse. In the fall, as the growth season of summer comes to a close, detox is an ideal way to prepare for winter, the holidays and hibernation. Fall is actually the ideal time to detox. Think of purging the old….just like the trees, you must shed your leaves and get prepared for winter. A fall detox will help boost your immunity to help stave off seasonal colds (which are so prevalent this time of year) and prepare your organs for the colder months.

Fall is also the time to get productive and finish projects for the year.

Back to school… back to routines…back to work.

So if you are ready to get back to work with your health, a detox can be the perfect remedy.

Here are 5 ways to detox safely during fall:

  1. Eat whole Foods: Try a gentle, clean food-based detox. The first step is to eliminate foods that have barcodes. This means avoid foods that come in a can or box- processed foods. I usually remind myself of this rule when I shop. Also, stick to organic fruits and veggies for your cleanse. You don’t want to add any toxins into your body during your detox!  In fall, you will generally eat warm stews, soups, and root vegetable dishes. Lots of nutritionally dense foods will nourish your body for the season. And don’t forget to add those warming spices to your meals, which will enhance your lungs and large intestines (the main detoxifying organs for fall).
  2. Eliminate added sugar, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, wheat/gluten, and soy: These substances are allergens and even addictive. These need to be eliminated while you are doing a detox. Try to keep things as clean as possible.
  3. Move your body: Of course eating foods that nourish and detoxify are necessary for your cleanse, but the next step is to incorporate exercise. Try gentle yoga, walking in nature, stretching. You don’t want to run twelve miles during your cleanse or do a long bike ride. You will be completely exhausted. Your body is working hard to get rid of toxins, and she needs to restore during the detox period.
  4. Take time to breathe and meditate: This time is for YOU. So try sitting still for at least 10 minutes a day, breathing in and out. Have a mantra. Be still. Stress is the #1 cause of inflammation so do all you can to take a few steps back and calm your mind.
  5. Determine the length of your detox: 10 days is a perfect time period to feel and see changes in your body. It’s just enough time to really get the full effects of a food-based detox. It takes time to make changes, and your body needs time to adjust to eating differently, getting rid of toxins, and establishing habits. So a cleanse less than 10 days might not give you the full results. If you are new to detoxing or want a power-boost to jump start healthy living, then 10 days is a good start.

So what do you say? Ready to get your detox on this fall?

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I’ll be confirming the entries before selecting a winner. The contest ends Sunday, September 23.  I’ll email the winner as well as make an announcement on Facebook.  Good luck!

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  • I too have always been curious about doing a detox. I know I have a sweet tooth carving and while I crave it, it often times leaves my body feeling icky. I would love to get on track and try to eliminate processed foods and sugars. What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  • I know a detox would help me to have more energy, and like you, it might help me to crave less sugar. Being a good cook and baker is SO challenging sometimes! I’ll admit that the whole process terrifies me, though. If I win this giveaway, I’m going to need your moral support, Jen. Plain and simple, I hate depriving my body of occasional indulgences!

    • The moral support and encouragement of the group makes all the difference here. But don’t be terrified. I was really nervous the first time. I thought how could I possibly give these things up? What will I eat?!?! It’s surprisingly easy and the food is delicious. You won’t feel deprived.

  • I have done detoxes in the past of various different ways. I have gone “Clean” for over three years with Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean ways! My only catch 57 is alcohol, beer & wine. I know they put the gut back on me when I manage to make it less by dieting and exercise and proper eating without beer & wine. A Detox Challenge will be what I need to get back on track from a month’s time away from the gym and having “too much fun” on the back porch! Yes I am sluggish right now, but it is not from white/artificial sugars and refined/processed foods! Thank you for this chance! Vicky :)

  • This sounds promising! It’s the coffee deprivation that would send me into a glazed state of rocking back and forth, or, more likely, Gollum (after losing his precious). But if you say it’s worth it, I believe you. :-)

  • I’ve always wanted to try a detox, but have hesitated because I know my husband would never do it, so meal times would be tempting! But, just over a year ago, I quit smoking while he was still smoking a pack a day (and then convinced him to quit, too), so I figure I now have the willpower to do a dietary cleanse, even if he’s not!

  • I have never tried this: I’m intrigued, but wary. Since I just signed up for two online courses I’m going to pass on it this time around, but I’d like to hear stories from anyone who does it.

  • I’ve always had a problem with low energy, but have never tried a detox, so it could be worth a shot! I already eat mostly natural, organic foods, and am vegetarian, so it will be interesting to learn what else I can eliminate from my diet to put me in better shape.

  • I’ve always wanted to try a detox/cleanse not just to purge toxins (and shed a couple pounds, and feel better overall) but also to feel like I can recalibrate, reset my body and my mind, and hopefully even shift my relationship with food (which has been hot and heavy for years.)

  • I’m all about routines in my life. But once I get off those routines, it’s tough to get back on. That’s why I wake up every single weekday to work out, even if I only do 10 minutes of yoga. Unfortunately, I’ve been off the healthy eating wagon for a while–with summer vacations and summer partying–and could use a detox to help get back on!

  • I am going through some pretty big life changing things right now ( some I have eluded to on my blog, some I’m not ready to share) but I feel like a true detox would be the very best thing right now… for my body and my mind…) thanks for offering the chance :)

  • I used to be skeptical about detoxes but my friend recommended I go on the urbanremedy.com.au detox and so I’ve decided to take the plunge and do it for a few days, starting next week.

    My detox hasn’t even started and I’ve already started to prepare for it. I’ve stopped having coffee (the first few days were TERRIBLE, but I’m on day four now and I feel a lot better) and I’m going to start cutting processed foods soon. I was also like you in that I was never a bit sugar person but during winter, I found that I was reaching for the chocolate bars and candy more often and over time, it gave me massive burn-outs. Hopefully, this detox will also make me less dependent on the stuff.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Desperately need to do something. I gained 20 lbs when we were doing all the traveling then got hooked on sweets when I was pregnant with Parker. I want all my clothes back next time I am in the states!

  • I think a detox would be just the thing to help straighten out my head and emotional eating as we head into the Fall and all the holidays that go with it. Thanks!

  • I am always tempted by the thought and idea of detoxing, but unless I do it with someone else, I know I can easily fail having family who eats pretty much everything (but relatively healthy I have to add). If I win I’ll stick to it and it’s meant to happen! I think all food bloggers feel we need some sort of strong will to control our appetite and dieting (unless we have health blog)… so hard… even though it’s good for you!

  • I should have read the question before commenting ;-) I never give much thought to the way that I eat, and being a food blogger and personal chef, most of the time that means flavor over health. I would definitely benefit from cleansing and I’ve always wanted to try it!

  • I have never detoxed before, but have been interested. While admittedly skeptical, I’m at the stage of my life where I just got married and want to be healthier and stronger to ensure I have a long, healthy life with my husband. Participating in a detox would help open the door to sticking with that commitment.