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I’ve always had this weird relationship with cookbooks.  As soon as I walk into a bookstore I make a beeline for the cookbook section and can lose hours of my life as I peruse individual titles.  It feels like certain books call out to me; they glimmer on the shelf and catch my eye. They beg me to bring them home and I’m always tempted even though I know I can find a much cheaper price online.  Usually temptation wins. I love the smell of a brand new cookbook; the shiny crisp new pages filled with bright beautiful food photos and incredible sounding recipes.  I love the instant gratification of a book store. When I know I want a particular cookbook it becomes like an obsession.  I must have it.

So as you may have guessed, I’ve built up a pretty sizable collection of cookbooks. But here’s the thing. When I’m looking for a recipe, I rarely turn to these gems I’ve spent so much time collecting. Why? You probably know; the internet is so much faster. I mean talk about instant gratification. When I need a recipe for banana bread I can type it into Google and voila! I have hundreds of options, often rated by users, within seconds.  How can you beat that?  So I use my internet recipe while my poor neglected cookbooks remain on their shelves, lonely and longing for attention.

At least, that’s how things were a few months ago.  Everything has changed now.  A few months ago I was driving home from an appointment while listening to NPR (my standard driving music these days). I can’t remember what show I was listening to but they were discussing cookbooks.  Someone called in to the show to ask if anyone on the panel had tried a website called Eat Your Books. I’d never heard of it and listened with curiosity.

Eat Your Books is an online cookbook database.  For $25 a year you can input all of your cookbooks and search them for specific recipes or ingredients, just as you would search Google.  And it’s not just cookbooks; Eat Your Books has archived cooking magazines and numerous blogs.  All of those Cooks Illustrated and Bon Appetit magazines sitting in my closet?  Yeah, they’re archived as well now.  Instead of searching Google for banana bread I now search on Eat Your Books.  And my sweet cookbooks and magazines that were collecting dust come alive with possibilities.  Hello Julia!  Hello Dorie!  It appears you have the recipe I’m looking for!  Life changing, I tell you.  Simply life changing.

So today I’m incredibly excited to tell you that Eat Your Books has offered to give away a free LIFETIME membership to one reader.  How cool is that?  Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter!

Contest rules: All entries will be verified before a winner is selected and invalid entries will be removed. This contest is open word wide.  I’ll select a winner on 2/10/13 and contact them via the email provided.  If the winner doesn’t respond within 48 hours a new winner will be selected.

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