Pasta with Cashew Truffle Cream Sauce ~ Savory Simple ~ www.savorysimple.netPasta with Cashew Truffle Cream Sauce

I’ve always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with dairy. When I was younger I had chronic stomach issues and was diagnosed as being lactose intolerant. I’m pretty positive it was either an incorrect diagnosis or I grew out of it because I eat dairy all of the time these days and it never seems to bother me. However…

I still like to limit my dairy. I’ve heard it can have negative health effects though I’m not sure if any of them are scientifically proven. Everything in moderation, right? There are certain ways to enjoy ice creamcheese sauces and even cream without actually consuming dairy. Did you know that cashews can be turned into a “cream” sauce? When raw cashews are soaked overnight and then pureed with water, they make an amazing cream sauce or soup base. I made this pasta with cashew truffle cream sauce for Jeff last week and didn’t tell him it was dairy free until he had finished eating. He was shocked! You really can’t tell it’s not a cream sauce. I promise. I will point out the obvious, though- cashews are still high in fat and calories so I am not calling this a lighter substitute. Just sayin!

Pasta with Cashew Truffle Cream Sauce ~ Savory Simple ~


Pasta with Cashew Truffle Cream Sauce
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 4-6 servings
  • 2 cups raw cashews, soaked overnight in cold water
  • 1½ cups water
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons nutritional yeast
  • 1 teaspoon dried thyme
  • 1½ tablespoons white truffle oil
  • ½ teaspoon pepper
  • fresh basil, sliced thin
  • 1 pound pasta (I used fettuccine)
  1. Drain the cashews, discarding the soaking water.
  2. In a sturdy blender or food processor, puree cashews and 1½ cups fresh water on high speed. Scrap down the sides to make sure everything is incorporated. Continue pureeing until very smooth.
  3. Add salt, nutritional yeast, dried thyme, white truffle oil and pepper and blend.
  4. Prepare pasta according to package instructions.
  5. Toss the sauce and pasta together. Garnish with basil before serving.


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  1. This looks delicious! I’ll have to try it myself.

  2. I LOVE using cashews/cashew cream. I just posted the other day how cashews are like vegan butter. Rich, creamy, quite flavor-neutral when blended. This is a great looking sauce!

  3. This sounds amazing, Jennifer! Thanks for the link to my pasta recipe too … :)

  4. The mere combination of words – Cashew. Truffle. Cream. Sauce, is dreamy enough (your photos take it over-the-top!). So happy that you got over your aversion to dairy. :D

  5. There are so many things that I love about this recipe Jen: I eat pasta all the time, LOVE cashews and have two bottles of truffle oil that need to be used. Outstanding recipe! OMG, I´m dying to try it.

  6. Love this Jen! The addition of truffle oil is genius – yum!

  7. Looks amazing! I have been skeptical of cashew “cheese” and “cream” sauces, but seeing this from a trusted non-vegan source makes me want to try it…

  8. I always learn something from you, Jen! Cashew cream? I am on it!

  9. I love the sound of that sauce! Cashews are a favorite nut and dairy and I are not always the best of friends, so this would make a great alternative.

  10. Cashew cream?! Why have I only heard of this now?!!

  11. Thank you for a tip about cashews. Always good to learn something new.

  12. This looks delicious!! So pretty!

  13. What an absolutely decadent, gourmet dish! Lovely, Jen! PS: I need to come over for photo lessons! ;}

  14. I also try to limit the amount of dairy I eat
    Though I have never been diagnosed intolerant, I feel like dairy is heavy and too much makes me not feel well. Love the idea of using cashews. The photo looks great – like the creamy pasta I dream about but don’t eat. I am not much of a fan of truffle oil though, as I find it to be quite artificial tasting.

  15. ashley - baker by nature says:

    Gah, JEN!!!! I am in love with this pasta dish. You’re seriously fab!

  16. So let’s pretend I love this recipe but I do not live within 50 or 60 miles of truffle oil. I know that there’s no substitute but… if there were what would you recommend?

  17. Yum, this looks amazing :) I love cashew cream, it’s so delicious!

  18. Jen,
    This looks delicious–and a reason to add a bottle of truffle oil to my pantry, since thus far I’ve resisted the urge. Though I’ve got plenty of garlic and rosemary in the garden and could go in that direction, as well.


  19. Oooh, I’ve heard about this trick with cashews, but never tried it. I’ve always been skeptical since I don’t like nuts, but if you say I won’t be able to tell it’s not a cream sauce I just might have to take the plunge :)

  20. Cashew cream is such a wonderful discovery, and this dish looks absolutely fantastic Jennifer!

  21. What a great idea to substitute the creamy sauce with the cashews. Great idea to add the truffle oil too as an alternative for the lactose intolerant & delicious in general too!

  22. This is a dish that I know my husband would be crazy about.

  23. This looks fab, I absolutely love cashew nuts and would never have thought to have used them in this way. Might have to get the ingredients and make this tonight. Have pinned!

  24. I have always wanted to make a “cream” sauce from cashews. I have never tried it! I’m not sure what I am waiting for. It looks wonderful Jen! I don’t eat too much dairy either (unless it’s in my baked goods).

  25. this looks amazing and I just happen to have some white truffle sauce burning a hole in my pantry.

  26. This sounds so delicious! Bookmarking for some night soon (have to get some cashews!)

  27. This was delicious!! I loved it. How many servings is it supposed to make? I used about 1/4c or maybe a tad more ;) Trying to guesstimate the calories for a cashew based sauce! Thanks!

  28. Is the nutritional yeast same with the fresh yeast for making bread? Cheers :)

  29. danielle says:

    Is there a way to substitute cashews or for another nut? I have a peanut and cashew allergy. I know I could make my own regular milk/flour/cheese based alfredo, but I like your dairy-less recipe!

    • Jennifer Farley says:

      I honestly can think of any other nuts that will create the same sort of cream sauce as cashews :( That doesn’t mean it can’t be done… but I’m not sure what to suggest. Sorry about that!

  30. can’t wait to try this! This counts as Vegan right?

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