Berries ~ @SavorySimple #Photography

No recipe today… just some food photography on a lazy Saturday afternoon.  Berries make a lovely practice subject.  And apparently snow makes a great light reflector!

Berries ~ @SavorySimple #Photography

Berries ~ @SavorySimple #Photography

Berries ~ @SavorySimple #Photography

Berries ~ @SavorySimple #Photography

Berries ~ @SavorySimple #Photography

Berries ~ @SavorySimple #Photography

  • Rachael

    I must say, I do love a good berry shot! Beautiful.

    • Jennifer Farley

      Thanks so much, Rachael!

  • Andre David Bowers

    I enjoy your site and love your food photography. I was even inspired to ‘create’ some photos of my own food dishes and post them to my FB page. I wish you much success with your web page.

    • Jennifer Farley

      Thank you very much, Andre. I really appreciate the kind words!

  • Brandon @ Kitchen Konfidence

    Love the color on this.

    • Jennifer Farley

      Thanks Brandon :)

  • Sockmonkeys Kitchen

    OOOOOOOOh how I love these! I always look forward to your musings and photos, but these pics are brilliant. I adore berries and now they will be pinned to my board too, for all to see.
    PS: love all your tweets too – for those reading this, you must follow her twitter =0) @SavorySimple

    • Jennifer Farley

      You are too kind!

  • fabiola@notjustbaked

    Beautiful, and inspires me to practice! And I want blueberries now, so thanks :).

    • Jennifer Farley

      Thank you for the kind words, fabiola. I could eat blueberries everyday!

  • kelly @ kellybakes

    Gorgeous! I love the blueberry shots best, especially the first and second.

    • Jennifer Farley

      Me too!

  • Averie @ Averie Cooks

    Stunning! It’s been disgusting weather here since Monday. This is the longest I’ve gone in 2-3+ years! without picking up my camera! Like 5 days. I have so much food I can’t make until I get some sun! I am in love with these berries of yours!

    • Jennifer Farley

      Thanks so much, Averie! After weeks of overcast, terrible skies we’ve been having some great sun but the temps have dropped into the 20s. It’s brutal! I hope you can pick up the camera again soon.

  • Cósima

    Amazing photographs. It’s been a pleasure knowing your blog.

    • Jennifer Farley

      Thank you for the kind words!

  • Arlene @FlourOnMyFace

    Beautiful food photography. I need to take a day myself to just play around with my camera.

    • Jennifer Farley

      Thank you! It’s a nice way to spend the day.

  • Stephanie @ Girl Versus Dough

    Gorgeous! It can be difficult to get a good berry shot but these are stunning. And now I’m craving a big ol’ bowl of berries. :)

    • Jennifer Farley

      Thank you, Stephanie! The lighting helped, it was perfect today :)

  • Ruthy @ omeletta

    Beautiful shots! And yay for snow, Nature’s Light Reflector :) It’s nice sometimes to just take a break from a full post and mess around with the camera for the sake of it.

    • Jennifer Farley

      Thanks, Ruthy! It was kind of refreshing to just post some photos.

  • Laura (Tutti Dolci)

    Berries make a great subject, these are seriously gorgeous photos! :)

    • Jennifer Farley

      Thanks, Laura!

  • Susan

    Lovely, Jen! Nice composition & colors!

    • Jennifer Farley

      Thanks so much, Susan!

  • Jenn and Seth

    beautiful! this reminds me of the first thing i photographed with when i got my dslr this past summer – blueberries!

    • Jennifer Farley

      Thanks! They make such a great subject. What kind of DSLR did you get?

  • Cate

    Absolutely gorgeous Jen! Berries are one of my favorite things to photograph too :)

    • Jennifer Farley

      Thanks Cate!

  • Debra

    Beautiful photos! i just completed a post for tomorrow referencing how hard food photography is for me! Lovely examples!

    • Jennifer Farley

      Thanks, Debra. It gets easier the more and more I practice. Studying other photos also really helps. Oddly enough I think Pinterest has been a huge help.

  • Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious

    Gorgeous photos, Jen! I’m totally craving blueberries now.

    • Jennifer Farley

      Thanks, Chung-Ah :)

  • Muna Kenny

    I like visiting your blog and browsing through all those beautiful clicks. I’m still working on my food styling technique, but what I love about your photography is that, you make the simplest photo carry lot of definition ,depth, and make it look wow. The lighting, the angles, and the dish of course, just perfect!

    • Jennifer Farley

      Thank you so much for the kind words!

  • roger stowell

    Was just eating blueberries, cream and home made meringues:)

    • Jennifer Farley

      What a delicious combo!

  • natalie @ wee eats

    BEAUTIFUL pictures! Any tips about photographing berries too???

    I’m craving berries so bad now… I guess it’s a healthy craving at least ;)

    • Jennifer Farley

      Thanks, Natalie! For me it’s all about good sunlight and knowing how to use all of my camera settings to tweak images. I used to take 20 photos of every shot on a different setting, hoping to get something good. Now I actually look at the histogram, adjust the exposure and aperture and tweak as needed. It makes a huge difference.

  • CJ at Food Stories

    Lovely food photos :-)

    • Jennifer Farley

      Thanks CJ!

  • Laura Dembowski

    Those photos are absolutely beautiful! Berries are so pretty because they have such vibrant colors. Who knew snow was a good light reflector?!

    • Jennifer Farley

      Thank you, Laura!

  • Carol | a cup of mascarpone


    • Jennifer Farley

      Thank you, Carol!

  • Gerry @ Foodness Gracious

    Awesome pictures, I love that last strawberry click!

    • Jennifer Farley

      Thanks so much, Gerry!

  • Jessica

    Gorgeous shots! The lighting is just beautiful. And now I’m madly craving some blueberries – I haven’t been able to find any good ones for a while, I’m really looking forward to berry season again!

    • Jennifer Farley

      Thanks Jessica. I’ve been missing local blueberries so much. This past summer I was eating them every day!

  • Mrs Deer

    Beautiful photography !!

    • Jennifer Farley

      Thank you!

  • Laura

    Gorgeous. What I really want to know is, where did you get the gorgeous berries? Or were they only for photographing?

    • Jennifer Farley

      Thanks Laura! I got them from Whole Foods. They’re not the best in flavor this time of year but they’re pretty enough for photos (and they taste good enough once you push them through a juicer).

  • Crista


    • Jennifer Farley

      Thanks, Crista!

  • CCU

    That is absolutely gorgeous my friend, your photos are beautiful :D


  • Culinary Cory

    Stunning photos! The colors are so vibrant.

  • Patty

    Beautiful color on your berries- great job;-)

  • Mackenzie {SusieFreakingHomemaker}

    Absolutely stunning. I am obsessing over the last one. All I can think is “we have snow here….” :)

    • Jennifer Farley

      Thanks, Mackenzie! I wish we had some snow. It’s been jumping back and forth between the 20s and 60s here, so weird. I just want one good blizzard before the winter is over.

  • Valerie

    Beautiful, Jen! (I’m kind of loathing my P & S camera right now.) :D

    • Jennifer Farley

      Thanks Valerie! I think you take some pretty amazing photos with your P&S :)

  • Nami | Just One Cookbook

    Beautiful photography. Your pictures inspired me to practice more on food photography. :)

  • Irene T. Holmes

    Now that’s a WOW factor right there! I was amazed how you play with the lights and other photography elements that contributes a big factor these remarkable shots and it turns out to be a beautiful classy kind of result… Two thumbs up…

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