Boozy Malted Hot Chocolate Milkshake ~ Savory Simple

This boozy malted hot chocolate milkshake is total dessert heaven.  As you may have noticed, I love sweets and one of my favorite desserts happens to be ice cream (and yes, I eat it year round. Hooray for heated homes!) You know what makes this dessert even sweeter? Knowing that the ingredients comes with a Fair Trade Certification.

Are you familiar with fair trade?  It’s worth a bit of research if the concept is new to you.  I didn’t learn about it myself until about a year ago when I heard a piece on NPR.  Buying fair trade is a simple way to give back (and what a wonderful gesture during the holiday season).  The primary goal of fair trade is to improve the lives of farmers and those who process raw materials for the foods we enjoy.  In addition to guaranteeing ethical pay for labor, fair trade funds are specifically designated for social, economic and environmental development projects.  You’ve likely heard about unfair labor practices in overseas clothing factories. Well, the same problems exist in the food industry but only now is the information becoming more mainstream (you might remember my post this summer on slave-free tomatoes). Want to know more?  Visit this link for more details about fair trade and why it’s important.

Boozy Malted Hot Chocolate Milkshake ~ Savory Simple

I’m honored to be working with Lake Champlain Chocolates today for a recipe to help spread the word about fair trade products. They’re setting a wonderful example for other companies and they’re chocolates are delicious. Today I’ve used their Organic Fair Trade Certified Hot Chocolate in a milkshake. This hot chocolate is pretty great. I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit over the holiday season and was eager to see what else could be done with it. This recipe is the answer. Best milkshake I’ve had in ages. Giveaway details are below the recipe!

Boozy Malted Hot Chocolate Milkshake
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 1 milkshake
  • 2 cups vanilla ice cream
  • 2 tablespoons hot chocolate mix
  • 1 tablespoon malted milk powder
  • ¼ cup coffee liquor, such as Kahlua
  • ¼ cup malted milk balls, chopped
  1. In a blender, combine ice cream, hot chocolate, malt powder, and coffee liquor. Puree until smooth.
  2. Before serving, garnish milkshake with chopped malted milk balls

  • melissa@the hungry artist

    This looks amazing! I love both malted milk and kahlua!!

  • Jenn and Seth

    oh my gosh this is some heaven in a glass! i think this needs to be made new years eve!

  • Sharyn Dimmick

    This sounds delicious, Jenn. I want those chocolates and that hot chocolate! Chocolate, malt balls and Kahlua — what’s not to like? The Comment link will go to my last blog, which I published last month, but I expect to have a new blog up tomorrow.

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    Is it wrong that I desperately want one at 11:21PM? :)

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    Love, love, love!!

  • little kitchie

    Heaven on earth – YES. This sounds pretty perfect! And thank you for spreading the word about fair trade!! I’ve tried to support as much as possible for a few years now, and it is such a simple, simple way to help. You rock!!!

  • Colleen

    I used to live in VT and love Lake Champlain Chocolates – haven’t had them in years!

  • Jill

    Wow! This looks so delicious!

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    I love Lake Champlain! This boozy hot chocolate milkshake sounds wonderful and perfect for the holidays.

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    Boozy milkshake for the win!!

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    lush. :)

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    Looks amazing!

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    This looks delish! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.

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    There seems to currently be a chocolate shortage at my house. This would solve the problem at least for a while.

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    This looks amazing!”

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    I need your hot chocolate in my life! Looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    These milkshakes are gorgeous. All that chocolate is right up my alley! I only heard of fair trade stuff just recently; now I use it as much as I can.

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    Looks heavenly!

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    I love malt balls!!! Using is a garnish is brilliant!

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    I totally eat ice cream in the winter. It feels so rebellious. I love the candy on it, so perfect.

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    I love the malted milk ball addition :) This looks sooo good!

  • pat simon

    Fair trade chocolate!! Wonderful. Can’t wait to try this recipe.

  • Erin

    I’ve been wanting to write a post about fair trade for a while – not sure how I feel about it.
    I am sure how I feel about these milkshakes on the other hand – Yum!!

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    Hot Chocolate + Milkshake + Boozy ….. = Heaven!!!
    Have a beautiful n happy New Year.!

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    I like the idea of Fair Trade…so good to be reminded. And what a wonderful recipe!

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    I love hot chocolate and the boozy combo is perfection! I have some of that cocoa powder & now I know what I can use it for :)

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    Decadent deliciousness at it’s finest! Is it wrong to want this at 12 in the afternoon? :D

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    Boozy hot chocolate is the way to go! I think it’s been a while since I omitted Kahlua or Bailey’s or rum or… yeah. I like it. :) And with malted milk balls?! Yum. I need to see if I can find those here in Germany!

  • Erin @ Texanerin Baking

    Oh goodness. Forgot to mention that the fair trade thing is new to me. I’ve got to research more into it! Thanks for reminding me and all of us.

  • LivedinItaly

    What is there not to like about hot chocolate, especially with a little adult beverage added? Sipping hot chocolate while nibbling on chocolate. Sounds like heaven to me! :)

  • Cookin’ Canuck

    Oh my, does this ever look good! And I love the boozy addition.

  • LivedinItaly

    I can speak from personal experience that Lake Champlain Chocolates are some of the most addictive chocolates made in the USA. I always wonder if the FDA is aware that LCC is distributing a controlled substance without a license?

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    This recipe looks amazing – I love the idea of boozy hot chocolate

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  • Denise & Laura

    This looks amazing!!! I will for sure be making this! Thanks for the recipe :)

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